Saturday, January 08, 2005

A Few of My Favorite Things

Not sure why- but I feel the need to opine on a few of my favorite things both here in the Bay Area and life in general. I suspect I am on the cusp of a mid-life crisis and that is what is behind all this as I look for all the places where I was truly happy.


Fairyland- Oakland-

Legend has it that Walt Disney visited this 50+ year-old kiddie theme park and marveled at its interpretations of popular fairy tales. Inspired by Fairyland, Disney went back to Southern California with ideas for that "other" park. When I was pregnant, I used to walk over to this park and long for the day when I had a kid so I could get in since no adults are allowed without children.

Hard to tell who is having more fun- mommy or Cindy. We both look TIRED(2004-Fairyland)

Totland- Berkeley Just a great community park for little ones. Too bad I don't live in the community and am about 1.5 hours drive away! Still, when I am finished with work I sometimes meet Mike and Cindy here and we have a great time.

(this post to be continued later....)

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