Thursday, June 23, 2005

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(Sour Grapes Gazette)

If you can't smoke 'em, lick 'em... (TIKI THINKS THIS IS A FINE IDEA, BTW.)

Novelty candy is nothing new. Who can forget "Lik a Stix," "Pop rocks" or those annoying candy pacifiers? Candymakers across the world are now banking on the nation's passion for all things dope by introducing a variety of hemp-oil based candies.

The candies, which include traditional lollipops and candy which looks, feels, and smells like genuine bud dripping with THC crystals, are starting to show up at convenience stores across the nation.

While technically legal since they are made with processed hemp oil, which contains only minute traces of THC, the candies are nevertheless drawing the ire of politicians and others who know what is best for us.

The candies not only look like pot, they have the same grassy taste which is not a particularly good taste as far as I am concerned. My feeling is that kids may buy them once or twice just for the cool factor, but will ultimately be turned off by the pungent flavor.

Still, lawmakers are poised to do what they do best: enact stupid kneejerk legislation based on non-existent needs and exaggerated problems. Expect a Cannabis Candy Ban in the near future. After all, 70 MILLION pot smokers in the USA must be wrong.

Just in case you were wondering... (another waste of taxpayer money)


According to a government study, 12.2% of people in Boston and 10.3% in Boulder had used marijuana in the previous 30 days.

In Boulder County, the home of the University of Colorado, 10.3 percent reported using marijuana during the same time period.

“All that said, we’re not surprised that substance abuse is a serious issue in the Boston area,” A top Boston official said. "The mayor and the health department have made the issue of substance abuse a top public health priority.” (uh oh. labeling marijuana use as "substance abuse"- indication of just how misinformed these lame drug warriors really are- td.)

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Tammy - I've forgotten how weird you really are. This is a very interesting way to post your thoughts. I'm glad you've found an outlet for your frustrations = however = I know a better way!
Always your friend, Elise.


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