Monday, June 06, 2005

Oooh What's That Smell?

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Paternalism, however well-intentioned, is still paternalism and the Bush administration is rife with the stench of it.

Today's Supreme Court King Nannies have decided once again that they know what is best for us poor, wretched and ignorant souls by upholding the Federal Government's right to prosecute medical users of marijuana.

Bear in mind, this isn't just affecting the few who illegally obtain prescriptions by faking illness- this also affects the thousands who actually obtain relief from pain through this HERB HERB HERB HERB. Many of these people suffer from life-threatening and incurable diseases. Why does the Federal government believe that they cannot make their own decisions about the type of medical care they choose to receive?

The Supremes flip off the majority of Americans who believe that treatment choices of chronically and terminally ill persons deserve to be respected. There are ten states who have voted to this end.

But NO- voters in those states are stupid and deluded, say the Feds. They cannot possibly know the dangers of reefer madness- the roving bands of potheads surging through the streets in search of some good sensimilla. "Marijuana is a gateway drug, " they intone. They never stop to consider that the only reason it might be a gateway drug is BECAUSE it is illegal. After all, drug dealers are in it for profit and they upsell just like any other merchants.

When Nixon commissioned a study to determine just how bad pot is- the study found that pot might actually have some beneficial uses and that is much LESS HARMFUL THAN THE MAJORITY OF PRESCRIBED DRUGS. Nixon promptly had the study sealed and it has only recently become available via the Freedom of Information Act. Nixon Our Father just knew that it HAD to be the pot turning all us against him since he was such a nice, honest fellow.

Americans need to wake up and smell the skunk. Whether you use pot or not, you should all be incensed at the audacity and disrespect of the Men in Black. Their arrogance and elitism need to be exposed and condemned. Do you need another mother or father? I certainly don't.

More on this lunacy later. For now- here is an interesting story from the LA Times.,1,4218773.story?coll=la-headlines-frontpage

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