Tuesday, July 26, 2005

Heirs to the Dynasty

Senate Changes Line of Succession

WASHINGTON - The Senate approved a bill Tuesday to raise First Daughter Jenna Bush from last to eighth place in the presidential line of succession, just after her sister Barbara and before her uncle Neil Bush.

If the bill passes, the order of those in line to assume the presidency if President Bush is unable to serve would be:

_Vice President Dick Cheney
_House Speaker Dennis Hastert, R-Ill.
_Senate President Pro Tem Ted Stevens, R-Alaska
_Secretary of State Condoleezza Rice
_Treasury Secretary John Snow
_Defense Secretary Donald H. Rumsfeld
_First Daughter- Barbara Bush
_First Daughter- Jenna Bush
- First Brother- Neil Bush
_California Governor- Arnold Schwarzenegger
_Commerce Secretary Carlos Gutierrez
_Labor Secretary Elaine Chao
_Singer Kenny Chesney
_Housing and Urban Development Secretary Alphonso Jackson
_Transportation Secretary Norman Y. Mineta
_Energy Secretary Samuel Bodman (has ANYONE heard of this guy?)
_Education Secretary Margaret Spellings
_Veterans Affairs Secretary Jim Nicholson

Insiders in Washington agree that if we ever get down to the very last name on the list, we are so very screwed.


Tony Blair before cosmetics...

And the "New" Blair...


July 25, 2005 (LONDON) — British Prime Minister Tony Blair has spent more than 1,800 pounds (US$3,130) of taxpayers' money on makeup and cosmetic artists over the past six years, according to the government.

In a written answer to Parliament, the government revealed Blair's Downing Street office had spent 1,050.22 pounds (US$1,826.66) on cosmetics for the prime minister's media appearances since 1999. In the past two years, a further 791.20 pounds (US$1,376.14) had been spent on makeup artists.

"Worth every damned penny, if you ask me," said Lord Lyndon-Litchfield, Sixth Earl of Lancaster and a member of the Hair Club for Men.

"We can't have a PM who looks like Charles Manson or even Marilyn Manson. Bad British teeth notwithstanding, the new and improved Tony Blair is hot!" Lyndon-Litchfield explained to reporters.


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