Monday, February 06, 2006


DeSaulnier Finally ELECTED!*
*To the Cesspool Hall of Shame

Angelides and DeSaulnier: Bad taste/
less filling.

Local politicians pose a much greater threat to our individual freedom than do Federal Nannies. Mostly because city ordinances and municipal codes fly through passage with little to no public discourse and nary a hint of opposition.

These ordinances, which bear virtually the same weight and consequences of federal and state law, often fly below the public's radar. We become aware of them only when we receive the
"It has come to the attention of the city that you are in violation of Municipal Code 45342.6 prohibiting the clean-up of vomit from a public sidewalk before 3 PM" letter", sent with love and a citation. (VISA accepted)

That being the case, it is only fitting that the Emptiest Calorie in Local Politics be elected to the CESSPOOL Hall of Shame- Supervisor Mark "Please Daddy, I Wanna Be An Assemblyman" DeSaulnier.

DeSaulnier has distinguished himself by using public time and taxpayer money to protest the Iraq War when he should have been addressing local needs about which he could actually DO SOMETHING.

He has authored numerous studies and suggested ordinances ranging from limiting the number of fast food establishments in the county to banning gun shows at the Fairgrounds.

So the CESSPOOL fickle middle finger of hate goes to Supervisor Mark DeSaulnier, a man with nothing to say and no reason to run, but who will do so anyway because...he can.

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