Friday, January 07, 2005


This photo was taken a couple of years ago when my daughter got her first taste of chocolate. Her expression PROVES conclusively that chocolate is indeed a powerful drug.

I am trying to lose weight without giving up: (1) Guinness (2) Chocolate (3) French fries. (4) pastries

There are a million stumbling block to my success in this endeavor. For one thing, my husband works for Krispy Kreme. I am trying to build up a tolerance to the lure of KK by planning visits there when the HOT sign is on and fresh, mouthwatering glazed donuts are rolling off the assembly line.

With CeeCee in tow, I position myself in front of the window and watch as dozens of donuts make their way to the glaze waterfall. I am figuring that if I do this enough, the cravings will go away. So far the donuts are winning.

Another hurdle: my office. I have never been around a bunch of people who could eat the way we do! Practically every day the breakroom hosts a "giveaway" of brownies, cookies, cheese and crackers, chocolates, leftover ham and roast from weddings. You name it- I have eaten it over the years. Some of the ladies are such good cooks that you feel compelled to indulge in their latest culinary masterpiece. (I mean- it would be RUDE not to, wouldn't it?)

Most moms would tell you that their children play a role in keeping them fat- kids seem to always be eating. I truly can't blame C for anything in this area- she often refuses to eat anything except sugar and since I HATE Peeps, I am seldom tempted to join her snack breaks.


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