Wednesday, May 25, 2005

Island Culture and Island Class

...Now back to the Tiki lifestyle we all love.

MAUI JIM SUNGLASSES- A very generous donation of their high-quality sunglasses to Marines in Iraq.

SHOP AT HILO HATTIE'S. If you want to be authentic and free from those ticky-tacky sweatshop-manufactured Hawaiian shirts- you simply have to own a HILO HATTIE'S shirt.

For one thing- they are gorgeous shirts and for another thing- they are wonderful folks who support the Hawaii National Guardsmen serving in Iraq.

Sammy and the staff at Hilo Hattie's put together a great care package and sent it to my guys from Hawaii who are broiling in the dry Iraqui sun.


Please be sure to patronize this great website whenever the island spirit moves you.


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