Tuesday, June 07, 2005

In This Great (Conster) Nation...

"I am so down with your blog. Sock it
to me, TikiTam!"

I DIDN'T START OUT to make this yet-another-pundit blog. However, politicians are a neverending source of both amusement and frustation for me.

It is the Powers that Be, after all, who wish to deprive us of the Tiki Life and lead us down the path to "simpering nothingness" while giving away our money and our values.

So, although I will still continue to espouse the virtues of a Tiki State of Mind, I cannot let the opportunities to skewer the power pass me by.

I appreciate my Blogheads' indulgence as I freely mix satire with reality and challenge them to figure out which is which. I don't profess to be any good at this, it is just a hobby. Feel free to comment and send in your own photos for captioning.

TD- AKA "TikiTam"

Howard Dean Ready to Expel
"Hairball of Hatred" for GOP



DNC Chairman Howard Dean today announced that he is tired of being "Mr. Nice Guy" and wants to "spit a giant hairball of hatred and loathing at the Bush Administration."

"The GOP is nothing but a brood of vipers, hovering around the carcass of nation who has had the lifeblood and entrails of democracy sucked out of it." Dean mused.

"The DNC must continue on the same track of spewing forth vile, inaccurate analyses of our opponents, shouting invective at them, and generally making asses of ourselves. It is only by doing so that the American public will see us for the desperate losers we really are." Dean told a packed room of reporters at the DC Motel 6.

"The point I was making is clear: Republican policies have declared war on hard working Americans. I will continue to criticize Republican leaders and their policies, and the Democratic Party will continue to offer constructive alternatives. We don't know of any offhand, but we are asking for help from Michael Moore and other celebrities." Dean said.

After the speech, Dean was reprimanded by Motel 6 Manager Ramesh Mahesh Singh for removing 48 small Ivory soaps, ten towels, a plastic ice bucket, and a Gideon Bible from the conference room and adjacent suites.

"We leave a light on for you, but we don't expect you to steal every damned thing you can get your hands on!" exclaimed Singh.

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