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DeSaulnier Watch 2006

Mark DeSaulnier and State Attorney General Bill
Lockyer discuss something which is not an issue.

With the State Assembly race not too far in the future, Mark DeSaulnier is managing to do a fantastic job of avoiding the issues and getting free soundbites on local newscasts.

When asked by a reporter whether or not his current campaign to eliminate fast food in Contra Costa was an attempt at "food policing," DeSaulnier, in full bullshit mode, replied: "No, but I am an activist." Huh???

What he should have said is," I am an unoriginal thinker who prefers jumping on the bandwagon of the hysteria du jour instead of focusing on what really needs to be done in our county."

It is telling that the section of his website which should have been produced FIRST- the "Issues" section instead contains a "coming soon," message. That lets me know that DeSaulnier cares not a whit about the real issues, instead focusing on just getting elected.

As another blogger at put it:

A Profile in Courage
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I appreciate Supervisor DeSaulnier’s courageous stand concerning the War in Iraq. And I do not doubt his patriotism or respect for those who have and still serve in the military. Yet, I agree with the Contra Costus Times (link expires) editorial last Friday that argued such objections are not the proper venue of the County Board of Supervisors. Moreover, it’s time Assembly candidate DeSaulnier stop abusing the County Board to float shameless, campaign-driven, partisan puffery carefully designed and staged for no other purpose than to create self-serving photo ops and so-what headlines for his campaign’s media clip book.

As long ago as September (see his campaign website), DeSaulnier, posing as Secretary of Defense in high dudgeon, originally proposed a County Resolution to support a deadline for complete U.S. troop withdrawal from Iraq, while talking up civic engagement and debate. Well, he got the latter in spades last Tuesday when scores of veterans and evil taxpayers with pitchforks chastised him for moving such a cut-and-run proposal as appropriate Board action.

As for the serious business of a County government teetering on the edge of bankruptcy, the public has been flogged with breathless bulletins of Mark’s courageous stands against pitbulls, second-hand smoke, junk food in schools, and child obesity; with each new crisis heralded by his signature alarum, “Trust me, I’m from the Government!” About the only thing DeSaulnier has gotten right was his opposition to the proposed $132,000/yr. PR position that would humbug for the County Administrator’s Office. Lucky that.

Speaking of spin, if Mark really wanted to raise the level of political discourse in his district, isn’t it reasonable that he start with his own campaign? Instead of foreign policy, why not talk more honestly about where he stands on issues that will indeed be within his purview as Assemblyman and that voters actually care about?

For instance. What are voters to think when we see him happily carry Loni Hancock’s water pail at the County level? Purported as a champion of children, will he support Assemblyman Mark Leno’s legislation to ease restraints on child molesters or help strengthen Megan’s Law in California?

Will Mark support the rights of independent Child Care providers or march in lock step with Rob Reiner and teacher union attempts to run Child Care into the ground much as it has ruined K-12 education and trampled parental rights?

Will DeSaulnier actively support private property rights or will he join Senator Torlakson and the redevelopment lobby to make it easier for counties and municipalities to abuse eminent domain by taking private property and giving it to developer cronies to build transit villages? Then there’s the nasty little bit about California’s multi-billion dollar budget deficit and imminent danger of State receivership. Who’s side is he on?

Sadly, Mark and his campaign website are silent on these and other critical issues. No wonder then that those living in the real world called the Private Sector will only remember that the County went way South on Mark’s watch and will, until proven otherwise, expect only more of the same full catastrophe when he serves in Sacramento. So for the sake of disclosure and transparency, especially after last Tuesday’s raucous Board meeting, it’s time candidate

DeSaulnier plainly tell voters whom he means to represent: District 11, or the public union and socialist welfare advocacy complex that spins Sacramento like a top.

Stand up, lay the cards down and go all in, or continue to dissemble. What’s a front-runner to do? Meanwhile, preening pols high on the inside dope and campaign gamers making book on a done deal wink and furtively whisper, “Why take the risk?”


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