Monday, January 09, 2006

Orlando, Florida pothead Jarred Kicker (shown here
with his best friend, Steve "Half-O"Baker) shortly before he discovered
his $2,000 gold tooth had been stolen.

(Boulder, Colorado- exclusive to the SOUR GRAPES GAZETTE)

In a tragic ending to an otherwise bodacious CANNAFEST 2006, chronic connoisseur Jarred Kicker awoke from a short nap to find his precious gold tooth had been jacked.

"Dude, Steve and I were hot-boxing out in my Camaro. I had cashed my bowl of Lasqueti Haze, which is a compact Sativa variety with a classic skunky smell and lightly trippy, cerebral high, and had decided to take a short nap. When I came to, Half-O was laughing his ass off. I'm like, "Steve-O, you got the ganoobies or what, dude?"

Kicker then caught his reflection in the rearview mirror and noticed his custom-made gold tooth was missing.

"I'm like, Half-O, you jacked my tooth, you sorry bastard. And like, he said, "Dude, I was more baked than you after I smoked that BC Kush blunt. No way I could've jacked anything." said Kicker.

"I knew he was telling the truth because he was hella messed up. Someone else must have gotten in the car after we passed out." he continued.

Kicker said the tooth was worth about $2,000 and was purchased with the proceeds from some dank he grew outside in the tool shed.

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