Tuesday, April 25, 2006

Little disagreement at Democrat forum

(Confederacy of Dunces Meets to Congratulate One Another on Their Highly Progressive Thoughts)

3/24/2006 12:00:00 AM (ANTIOCH PRESS)

“A free public education is a cornerstone of our society,” DeSaulnier said.
(NO- Mark, individual freedom and responsibility is the cornerstone of our society- compulsory education by the State is not.) “We shouldn’t be in the middle of the nation on per-child funding – we should be at the top.” (TAX THEM ALL, I SAY, THEN TAX THEM AGAIN.. it's for the children!)

Four Democratic candidates for California’s Assembly District 11, which runs from Antioch to El Sobrante, weren’t far apart on the issues at a candidates’ forum in Antioch last week and were unanimous in their support of the death penalty. (yes.. kill them all, kill them in the womb and then put them to death when they defy our laws- KILL KILL - we are the party of compassion, after all!)

“We must be absolutely, absolutely, certain” of the guilt of the accused, said Emmanuel Ogunleye, a former federal, state and regional government employee who supports the death penalty but said there are flaws in its application.“I’m conflicted. (absolute certainty.. is this a thing to be grasped by mere mortals?)

There are instances where it’s appropriate,” said Laura Canciamilla, an educator, Pittsburg School Board member and wife of Joe Canciamilla, the current 11th District assemblyman, who is being term-limited out of office. (Like for Republicans, as an example.. Oh, yes and babies no one wants..)

“I support it,” said Contra Costa County Supervisor Mark DeSaulnier, citing the killing of a police officer as justification for the death penalty. (Because a police officer's life is worth far more than some teenager who has been tortured, raped, and murdered? This makes ABSOLUTELY NO SENSE.. well, uh, Mark- do you happen to be endorsed by the police union? Just wondering...)

“Imprisonment isn’t enough to deter,” agreed Gerold Gorman, who has worked in both the private and public sectors and supports the death penalty. (No kidding.. neither is the death penalty when it takes twenty freakin' years to implement)

The four candidates made opening and closing statements and answered questions submitted by an audience of about 70 people in the Antioch City Council chambers at the forum hosted by the East County Democratic Club.

The candidates also weighed in on the issue of education, how to improve it and provide adequate funding(TAXES) for it.“A free public education is a cornerstone of our society,” DeSaulnier said. “We shouldn’t be in the middle of the nation on per-child funding – we should be at the top.”

He decried the fact that students from affluent districts tend to score better on tests.(THE NERVE OF THEM THERE RICH KIDS!- they should be forced to endure a shitty education just like the rest of us!)

Education should be free and open and we have to tax ourselves,” he said, adding that he supports a progressive income tax and taxing non-residential property at a higher rate. (UH, Mark, don't we already tax ourselves...a lot in fact?- Why don't we try enforcing policies on out-of-district students who attend our schools illegally and cause loads of problems in places like the AUSD?)

“We should fix the conflicting directions teachers receive before we ask for more money,” said Canciamilla, who also said that a stable method of financing is needed. (Which conflicting directions would those be? "Teach to the test?" or "Teach to the test?"

Gorman said that we should make sure internships are available so that students can pay back their loans. (FIRST THING ANYONE SAID THAT MADE ANY SENSE!)

Ogunleye said that he sent his children back to his native Nigeria for an extended visit. “When they returned, they were two years ahead of their American classmates.” His message is that we have to be mindful and let our youth know we care about them. (HOW ABOUT MAYBE DOING SOMETHING UNIQUE- LIKE ACTUALLY TEACHING THEM SOMETHING? Just a thought...)

Proposition 82,(The Rob Reiner "Beats Playing With Myself" Initiative which will be on the June ballot calling for free pre-school for all children, was supported by all four candidates, but there were comments that it was poorly written. (NO WAY! A ballot initiative that is poorly written??? The horror of it all!

DeSaulnier said it should be based on need, while both Canciamilla and Ogunleye said dropoff and pickup would be difficult for working parents. (Maybe we can get Rob Reiner to pick them up in one of his limos...)

On public financing of candidates, all four support the Clean Money bill, which has passed the state Assembly and is now before the Senate.

Gorman was concerned, however, that it might lead to crowded ballots.

On the issue of transportation, Ogunleye said we should run free buses during commute hours and that we should move quickly to make eBART a reality. (Free usually costs a lot of money)

DeSaulnier supports Prop 42, which requires that gas taxes be used for transportation improvements and land use centered on transportation.

Canciamilla, who commutes on Highway 4, said people shouldn’t have to live so far from their workplace and that we need regional planning to improve transportation and regulate urban sprawl. (Sustainable growth bullshit from the "I've got mine" crowd.)

On medical care, Canciamilla said that the whole system has to be scrutinized. “The emergency rooms are treating uninsured people who could afford insurance,” she said. (This woman evidently got her PHd from the Kmart Diploma Mill)

“Maybe insurance should be mandatory, the way auto insurance is.”

DeSaulnier said he is for universal health care. (That way we can all have the same crappy care and end up with British teeth)

Ogunleye supports it also, saying, “This is California and we have to stand for something.” (What the hell does that mean?.. Nothing at all- spoken like a true politician)

There was little controversy between the candidates on the controversial issue of abortion.Gorman said the Supreme Court has ruled on it, adding, “The states can’t act on abortion.” (They can, however, confiscate private property, levy taxes without representation, take kids away from their parents with little justification, enact discriminatory legislation....)

“It’s not my place (as an elected official) to decide,” Canciamilla said. “It’s a personal choice, not within the scope of government.” (My term-limited husband told me to say that)

DeSaulnier said, “I’m for a woman’s unfettered right to an abortion. And we have to reduce unwanted pregnancies.” (Well Mark, unfettered abortion just about guarantees the reduction of unwanted pregnancies, doesn't it?"

Ogunleye said, “The government won’t do what it should and wants to do what we should decide for ourselves. The woman has to decide.”

In closing, Ogunleye said he is a working-class candidate, Gorman said engineers, not politicians, should make transportation decisions, DeSaulnier named and thanked his supporters, and

Canciamilla said that half of the state budget goes to education but there are only five Assembly members who have a background in education, which she has. (HALF THE DAMNED BUDGET GOES TO EDUCATION???? No wonder the roads are such a fucking mess!)

Contact: Mark DeSaulnier Phone: (925) 957-1123 Email: shara@markdesaulnier.com


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