Wednesday, October 07, 2009

Trina Flivverbottom Escapes!- Returns to LBAC

Ace investigative journalist Trina Flivverbottom (seen here in a
2003 file photo)


After nearly four years of self-imposed exile, Sour Grapes journalist and commentator Trina Flivverbottom has resurfaced, vowing to pursue excellence in journalism with a vengeance.

Flivverbottom says she spent the past few years living in Hardyville, USA working as a dog walker. She says that the O-Nation situation was just to much to resist, rife with the kind of fodder no self-respecting writer can resist.

"You can't make this stuff up!" said Flivverbottom in a cable TV interview, pointing to a newspaper headline concerning the recent ACORN scandal.

"How could I stay in Hardyville, idyllic though it was, and scoop up doggie doo when the real shit was being shoveled so copiously out of DC?"

Flivverbottom's return was enthusiastically welcomed by the majority of the Sour Grapes Gazette staff, most of whom have remained unemployed since leaving the paper.

"We can restart the paper and the blog! Sure beats running the meth lab. I was allergic to all those chemicals," said former Sour Grapes staffer Wiley Forrester.

One ex-staffer, Randall Washburn, was not as happy to see Flivverbottom's Festiva roar up to the doublewide which once served as the Sour Grapes office.

"Oh, man... Does this mean I have to return the Acorn loan I got to start my own porn film company?... Damn!" complained Randall.

After getting settled into her new trailer, Trina plans to churn out a whole lot more of her
celebrated investigative reports.


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