Thursday, June 09, 2005


"MightyJawsII" shows hand he discovered early this morning

(Cold Trout, Alabama)

Police in this sleepy rural hamlet (pop. 327) were awakened this morning by a call from Luther "Red" Bodie, claiming his dog had discovered a body part which had fallen from the sky.

"Red said MightyJawsII, his pit bull, had been barking most of the night. Finally Red shook off his drunk enough to go out and see what was wrong. MJ pointed to the spot where a human hand was poking out of the ground," said Sheriff Steve Kline.

While Bodie believes that the hand is part of the body discovered in a South African Airlines jet yesterday, neighbors are not convinced.

"Bodie, well, Bodie is a good old boy but he is a bit on the shady side. Couple weeks ago, a lady DEA agent was down from Montgomery investigating rumors of a meth lab in Bodie's barn. I ain't accusing Red or nothing, but that gal's Honda is still parked in front of the motel." explained a neighbor who requested he not be identified.

Police are also skeptical of Bodie's theory.

"For one thing- the body parts from the plane were male body parts. This is a lady's hand for sure. Another thing is that the flight path of that airplane wasn't nowhere near here." said Sheriff Kline.

Kline said he plans a full investigation as soon as Red comes to.

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