Wednesday, June 08, 2005

And the Nominee for the 2006 Darwin Award Is...

Leg found reported to be clad in Nikes.

Gruesome Stowaway Death Discovered At JFK

By Eyewitness News' Lauren Defranco
(Floral Park, Long Island -WABC, June 7, 2005) — Body parts falling from the sky. It may sound like the plot of a low-budget horror film but it really happened today over Long Island, and more remains were found on a South African Airways flight that originated in Johannesburg, made one stop in Dakar, Senegal before landing at JFK.

Investigators say before that plane touched down at JFK body parts fell from the wheel well and crashed into a roof and landed in a backyard.

Pam Hearne, Homeowner: "It sounded like metal on metal, it sounded like wood on wood. It was a very, very solid object."

At about 7:00 a.m. Pam Hearne was startled by a loud bang. Something fell from the sky and left a gaping hole in her garage roof.

Pam Hearne: "I noticed something that looked like a human or animal part. My first reaction was maybe it was a horses leg but there is a sneaker on it, so there is a sneaker on the leg. It is a whole leg. The first officers on scene said 'oh my god, this is a human leg and this is a crime scene.' Then soon after one of the officers received the information that a body part had been found in a plane this morning."

According to investigators that plane was South African Airways Flight 203, which left from Johannesburg and made one stop in Dakar. It landed at JFK this morning where authorities say a customs agent found the remains of a body hanging out of the wheel well.

Lt. Kevin Smith, Nassau County Police Dept.: "I would characterize it as a very tragic event. Somebody felt the need to stowaway or gain access to a plane in an unconventional means, which led to his death."

Pam Hearne: "The thought that keeps on running through my head 'but by the grace of God go I' - this someone from another country who wanted to find his or her freedom and he or she didn't make it."

The neighbors here never expected such a morbid events. Tonight the medical examiners office is conducting a full investigation.

TD:(It scares me to think that there are really people this stupid in the world.)


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