Thursday, June 02, 2005

OK- You Have Fifteen Minutes of Fame

SFC Kevin Ryan lounging around on multimillion dollar equipment somewhere in the sunny climes of Iraq. Floating above him, a box of GOODY powders- his drug of choice.

One of my "supported soldiers," Sgt. Ryan is one of those strange human beings who thinks it is cool to jump out of planes. Apparently he has been doing it for some 20-odd years with the US Army. He must have landed on his head a few times judging from his emails to me, because he is a little wacky.

Sgt. Ryan and his soldiers are doing a great job for our nation and for the people of Iraq and it has been my great pleasure to have supplied them with GOODY powders. Apparently nothing works quite like a GOODY powder to alleviate the headaches associated with mortar attacks.

Ryan is obviously of Irish extraction, and he is from New York. This results in a potent mixture of sarcasm, pathos, twisted humor, and attitude.

Find out more about Sgt. Ryan and all the other troops who need your support at


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